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For most people, the transition was smooth and Photos has been a great upgrade to a much more modern and streamlined app.After using the new app for several months without issue, I recently ran into a problem that prevented my i Phone photos from showing up on my Mac.you can have a look over these properties from the link below: Share Point Web part properties Now once i ran into a situation wherein i had to change the "Chrome Type" property of a web part in the landing page of all the subsites as well as root site in my site collection. So in order to do this through User Interface would have required a considerable amount of time.So i created a powershell script to do so and voila! Each web part page is associated with a "SPWeb Part Manager" class.So, you just need to Page(), find the element to click(), and then check the result.Tests for complex Java Script libraries are included in Html Unit test base, you can find it here which is useful to get an idea.Come with me on a journey with the goal of truly understanding the Java Script language.

A frequent question we get is "how do I test my Java Script? There is nothing really specific for using Java Script, it is automatically processed.

Apple’s new Photos app for Mac may suddenly stop automatically importing images from My Photo Stream.

That means photos from your i Phone and i Pad aren’t making their way onto your Mac like you would expect.

The following html will dynamically generate five textfields and place them inside a table.

Each textfield will have a unique name created by appending the index to the string "textfield".

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