Dating stalking

The persons involved may be married or divorced or may have been sexual partners.

Some are trying to end a relationship with a man, often one who has been abusive.

Bardo went to Schaeffers house and shot her once through the chest. Bardo was arrested and convicted of this murder and is now serving a life without possibility of parole sentence.

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He then saw her in her first movie and grew infuriated when he saw her in bed with a male character.

Bardo returned to Los Angeles, only this time, instead of carrying flowers and stuffed animals; he carried a gun with hollow point bullets.

Research also indicates that teenagers are subjected to stalking and that they have difficulty extricating themselves from such situations.

Shortly before he murdered actress Rebecca Schaeffer on July 13, 1989, Robert Bardo wrote to his sister, "I have an obsession with the unattainable.

In 1986, while living in Tucson, Arizona, Bardo saw Schaeffer on the television series, "My Sister Sam." He began writing fan letters to her, and received a card and autographed picture of her, which validated his delusion of their "mutual attraction." In 1988, he started making trips from Arizona to Los Angeles in the hope of contacting her.

On each trip he brought candy and stuffed animals and on each trip he was turned away by the studio security.

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