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But one place where you might actually give a fuck about a man’s opinion on your behavior is in your relationships.

Reddit user amieileen asked the men of Reddit what they think is the most common relationship mistake that women make. “[The biggest mistake girls make is] issuing ultimatums,” said Reddit user The Adventurous Writer. Sometimes it seems like a good idea to tell bae he either needs to choose his flirty female best friend or you.

Our makeup is too heavy, our skirts are too short, our heels are too high.

So you and your girlfriends all think this is an excellent photo of you to include and feature in your internet dating profile. You don’t want to run the risk that the woman he’s most attracted to in the pix is not you! A lot of us closely resemble our girlfriends and circle of friends.After reading this book I am now more conscious of certain things that I do.Some of the information and rules I did not totally agree with but for the most part the book made me think about past and future relationships.Are you the only long haired blonde in your group of best buds?Are you the only long haired brunette in that photo?

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