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Mrs Josephine Teo (right) with Ms Kim Minhye in Seoul.Ms Kim, who met her husband through a dating agency in South Korea, is currently pursuing a Ph D in sociology at NUS, and shuttles back and forth between Korea and Singapore."We want to expand support for single mothers and also launch campaigns that will change people's perceptions of couples living together," said a finance ministry official, who declined to be named as he was not authorized to speak to media.South Korea's birth rate of 1.205 children per woman is the lowest among the rich nations of the OECD grouping, where it is also aging the fastest.As policy-makers scramble to avoid the complications a dwindling population has brought to neighboring Japan, South Korea's finance ministry is taking aim against social and regulatory prejudice in its economic policy plan for next year."We plan to change the social perception on various family forms to boost the birth rate," the ministry said in a statement released on Wednesday, although it did not give details.Here makes burgers fries with older man know through work to come and see dentist.

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