Dating violence bill sc

“That is just unacceptable.” One obvious proposed change is dropping “criminal” from the charge of “criminal domestic violence.” “All domestic violence is criminal,” said Jada Charley, executive director of Safe Passage, a Rock Hill-based rescue and advocacy organization for victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse and child abuse.

Domestic violence is an equal-opportunity crime, Wilson and Charley said.

Each year in October, the Attorney General hosts a Silent Witness ceremony to honor the victims from the preceding year.

During this ceremony, wooden silhouettes represent the women and men who have died due to domestic violence in South Carolina during the previous year. P Violence Against Women program is to raise awareness about resources for victims of sexual assault and domestic violence.

Under these laws, the husband has absolute rights to physically discipline his wife.

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While many people just think of domestic violence as physical, Charley said there are six recognized forms of domestic violence: physical, emotional, verbal, financial, abuse of pets and threats to family and friends. “It’s not about the victim doing something wrong.” One of the most common questions asked about victims is, “Why didn’t you just leave,” Charley said, but it’s rarely that simple.

All trainings are approved for CLE, JCLE, CLEE, and OVSEC hours.

Silent Witness Currently South Carolina ranks fifth in the nation for the amount of homicides caused by domestic violence.

Attorney General Alan Wilson, along with several legislators, is spearheading that fight in the General Assembly this session, encouraging the passage of major changes to domestic violence law in South Carolina to change penalties, enable harsher punishment for attackers, and provide greater protection for victims.

“We live in a state where you can serve more jail time for beating your dog than beating your spouse,” Wilson said.

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