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Brian's belief didn't make it through pubescence's pressure and cracked.From this crack a thoughtful Brian appeared — the one who had doubts, Brian-philosopher, rebel, creator.Brian Molko (born 10 December 1972) is a British musician and songwriter who is lead vocalist and guitarist of the band Placebo.He is known in particular for his distinctive nasal, high-pitched vocals, androgynous appearance, and unique guitar style and tuning.As any other child, Brian completely trusted his mother.

Very little me -- just lots and lots of Brian Molko tongue-tying himself up into ambiguous knots.

He initially attended the European School of Luxembourg (ESL), but left due to excessive bullying. During Placebo's live performances Molko has played a number of instruments, including guitar, bass guitar, keyboards, harmonica and saxophone. 1 Echo delay and a Radial Loopbone effect chain switcher.

In 2010, he signed an endorsement contract to use Orange amps.

It all came up to that point when his mother saw Brian as a faithful priest in her dreams.

But they all crashed down with the beginning of puberty.

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